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A Concise History of Graphic Design by Richard Hollis, Also A Load Of Bull: an englishman’s adventures in spain by Tim Parfitt – Condé Nast
October 31, 2007

A concise history of graphic design



Russian born Mehemed Fehmy Agha directed the use of the first full-colour photo vogue used was in 1932, a trend which has been religously adherd to ever since.


Agha who was a Conde Nast art director in the 1930s who pioneered magazine design, making series of double page spreads apposed to a sequence of individual pages

Agha left Conde Nast Publications in 1943, after Nast died in 1942, and became a successful freelance consultant.

when looking at magazine design, this book gave me some inspiration for my magazine’s genre: indulgence, also giving insight to the rock ‘n’ roll juggling act of the editorial director and has enhanced my outlook on design, I think we all have something to learn from the Madrileños



Collage and Montage
October 11, 2007

Collage and montage allow designers to create extremely juxtaposed enviroments bringing together contrasting elements and can make very surreal imagery



Things that catch my eye from ‘Icons of Graphic Design’ by Steven Heller
October 10, 2007

Information design| Manhatten Subway Structure

ny subway of manhatten

Book covers| ‘Notes of a Dirty Old Man’ by


Beethoven poster by josef muller-brockmann (minus the umlaut)


100 Years of Being Really Big


Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife by Lawrence Levy


In ‘n Out by Reid Miles

Form and Zweck 1991 | Text Blocks – the appeal of this double page spread is that the text is kinda like a wall and a floor and if exagerated could add a 3rd Dimension to a publication or be intergrated into some kind of text and image print


October 9, 2007

Today I decided to make a rendition of a Vogue issued in June as to get a feel for the designing of a magazine [ thats me in the tucks, kinda of a bad resolution, you get the idea ]


The serif typeface used in the sub-headings is ITC American Typewriter,

Designer: Joel Kaden / Tony Stan, 1974

ITC American Typewriter™ Light belongs to the ITC American Typewriter™ Font Family which is part of the ITC Collection.

ITC American Typewriter font was designed by Joel Kaden and Tony Stan. It is an ode to the invention that shaped reading habits and the idea of legibility, the typewriter. A compromise between the rigidity of its ancestor and the expectations of the digital age, ITC American Typewriter font retains the typical typewriter alphabet forms, lending the font a hint of nostalgia

I think the VOGUE logotype uses a typeface known as Didot ( by Adrian Frutiger of Linotype ) as the foot on the vogue ‘G’ is very distinct, however the x-height seems slightly more exagerated in a quick glance of visual comparison

VOGUE Male 2

alex ogue

Magazines that I like
October 8, 2007

Lucire | August 05

lucire aug 05 - Nordic

Lucire | November 05

lucire nov05

Lucire | June o6

lucire june 06

GQ | June 2005

GQ june05

GQ | October 2005

gq oct05

Pig | Issue 33

pig issue 33

Pig | Issue 36

pig 36

Pig | Issue 50

pig 50

W | November 2005

w nov05

W | October 2006

w oct06

Novum | September 2004

novum 07-04

Novum | March 2004
novum 03-04

Delicious | December 2006


Barcodes – form follows function
October 7, 2007

On the consideration of designing a frontpage for a magazine you need to accomodate a barcode, i’m thinking the reason why it cannot be put on the back page is because A: it’s less obvious to find for scanning ( which seems pathetic ) or, B: the back page has been sold for advertising purposes and therefore a barcode may interupt with the advert, whatever the reason barcodes always appear on the frontpage and look a bit unsightly

so i’m going to try and doctor a barcode to keep it in theme with my magazine so as it is not bringing down the aesthetic impact of my frontpage..i had a look and found some reasonable examples of what has been done before, feel free to add to my findings



Barcode Man

October 6, 2007


I came across, through word of mouth, a cleverly put together website which hosts an innovative and totally cool virtual internet experience weaving together photography, animation, graffiti, sound and imagination to deliver a really cool piece of , well ‘arty entertainment’ i guess, you should definatly check it out my favourite rooms where 57 and 70

Hello world!
October 4, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!