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an innocent® joke
November 6, 2007

these innocent┬« creatives have come up with a cool concept for the winter: giving to the age concern charity, for every one sold with a wooly hat on 50p goes towards the older generation in respect of hot meals, blankets and advice on keeping thier homes warm in the winter. entitled ‘ the big knit’ pulling it all together to make a very seamless, funky idea!


trouble is, when you’ve drunk it, thrown the bottle away etc your left with this minature knitted hat, what do you do with it…..I can think of one place it would fit pretty snug! – ear warmers!!


anyhows, i like the designs on them all, there certainly the way forward, be nice if they brought the price down slighly though






This is a good example to communicate the role of graphic design/advertising within the world, the designer(s) has/have created a bridge between the information and the consumer. 1. The hat is eye-catching> 2. The information is easily accessible (on the hats label)> 3. when the information is processed by the consumer there is a moment of realisation, like ‘aha, thats what its all about!’ 4. It is remembered easily because of the metaphor (hat) 5. The idea is different and unusual and breeds chatter/gossip about itself. so the designer’s role is to create a vehicle of information through firstly capturing an intrest or intriguing the audience.