Saul Bass.

When it comes to title sequences that puts others to pitiful shame, the start of Catch Me If You Can – the animation which evokes that of Saul Bass gets my upper most respect! Have a butcher’s:

The couple of minute’s animation outlines the narrative of the story and portrays the 60s retro look authentically

right, Saul Bass.

a nice walk through history in the form of a ‘edifice’ which is a defined as:

noun formal
a building, esp. a large, imposing one.
• figurative a complex system of beliefs : the concepts on which the edifice of capitalism was built.

the imposing new edifice on Whitfield Street building, structure, construction, erection, pile, complex; property, development, premises.

for those like me who did’nt know.

what else…

Ocean’s 11 {old and new}


new: in various forms;

I stumbled across some other one’s that are pretty sweet;


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