The Golden Section – a law of proportionality

The golden section demonstrates a paradigm of proportionality evident within the organic world which is used to cultivate a feel of ‘kindness’ to the eye within the design realm


The parthenon the 5th-century BC temple dedicated to the wise if warlike goddess Athena, the virgin (or “parthenos”) on the acropolis (sacred rock) athens, greece



Da Vinci’s the Divine Proportion


example: the relationship between the fore arm and upper arm is in a 62%-38% proportion


example of it working and not working;

Bonsai and the Golden Section As an example of the way that the Golden section can be applied to a very simple picture; here is a formal upright tree with the first branch positioned 1/3 of the height of the tree. Each branch is placed with diminishing spacing between it and the next branch according to the Golden Section

Bonsai and the Golden Section In this image the first branch has moved downwards; its relationship visually with the tree as a whole and the next branch upward has changed and creates a less restful image.

Bonsai and the Golden Section Finally, three branches have been moved up and downwards though the first branch is correctly positioned according to the Golden Section. The image has now become visually unsatisfactory.


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