Secondlife art exibitions – virtually free entry

March 27, 2008 - One Response

I went to an art gallery an strolled about with the other denizens in secondlife, it was quite stimulating to have such a wide range of art in one place!

Rene Magritte- surrealist painter from Belgium, Rene Magritte created his first painting, The Lost Jockey, in 1926 and held his first exhibition in 1927. Dejected over the failure of this exhibition, he moved to Paris and befriended Andre Breton. He went on to become an active member of the Parisian surrealist group which included such talents as Man Ray, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, and Marcel Duchamp, to name a few.


treason of image. i like this because it tell us about the process of abstract thinking and perception.


la magie noire – this is just a cool image i hav’nt read into it i just like it’s face value.

Maxfield Parrish – [American Golden Age Illustrator, 1870-1966]

Ecstasy- with its Parrish-blue” sky, heroine in graceful flowing robes, and subtel eroticism shows why its artist was the master illustrator of the late 19th century. The popularity of his female fugres, often posed on rocky outcroppings, ultimately caused Parrish to shift his focus to landscape themes, finding in them more room for experimentation.

Escher- relativity


When you first look at [Escher’s painting] everything seems fine. But as you inspect it you suddenly realize that what you’re seeing is impossible…each section of the canvas is coherent but all those possible parts add up to an impossible whole. Escher’s work exposes the masterful fraud that our brains perpetuate upon us, the neural disaster that we call reality. < this is what someone wrote, i liked the lego version that went with it.

gustav klimt -tree of life



i found some nice prints too!


apparently this was inspired by klimt

this was just random



Dulux Advert

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I thought this advert is brilliantly composed, it speaks for itself, as does much audiovisual media.

it’s a nice witty narrative as it has a great use of pun, wordplay, double entendre, innuendo.

the advertising group is

they have been very clever within targeting housewives by using a soap opera style of scenario with a bit of juicy scandal, just what the modern mum likes as the trend goes…..


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this advert is great, it really captivates the imagination.

Chanel No.5

Coco Mademoiselle

solely ad.

Jean Paul Gaultier everytime

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these adds just pronounce the sophistication of the fashion industry’s finest, i really like them.

BMW Welt

January 9, 2008 - One Response

Designed by architect Wolfgang Prix of the Viennese firm Coop Himmelb.





Pimp My Sky HD Box

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When i was flying to Rome I decided to have a flick through the Ryanair magazine, I really like the look of the Sky HD article…

Basso & Brooke^: Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke met in 2002 and established a label, they won the London’s Fashion Fringe 2004 Award have now entered a production and distribution agreement with the Aeffe Group, who represent the likes of Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Narciso Rodriguez, Jean Paul Gaultier and Pollini brands

gaultier.gif moschino_logo1.png


Giles Deacon^: Recently won the award for british designer of the year, is also an illustrator and recently exibiting his work in the Roma, Roma, Roma gallery in New York




Gareth Pugh^


Jonathan Saunders^

The Golden Section – a law of proportionality

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The golden section demonstrates a paradigm of proportionality evident within the organic world which is used to cultivate a feel of ‘kindness’ to the eye within the design realm


The parthenon the 5th-century BC temple dedicated to the wise if warlike goddess Athena, the virgin (or “parthenos”) on the acropolis (sacred rock) athens, greece



Da Vinci’s the Divine Proportion


example: the relationship between the fore arm and upper arm is in a 62%-38% proportion


example of it working and not working;

Bonsai and the Golden Section As an example of the way that the Golden section can be applied to a very simple picture; here is a formal upright tree with the first branch positioned 1/3 of the height of the tree. Each branch is placed with diminishing spacing between it and the next branch according to the Golden Section

Bonsai and the Golden Section In this image the first branch has moved downwards; its relationship visually with the tree as a whole and the next branch upward has changed and creates a less restful image.

Bonsai and the Golden Section Finally, three branches have been moved up and downwards though the first branch is correctly positioned according to the Golden Section. The image has now become visually unsatisfactory.

Saul Bass.

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When it comes to title sequences that puts others to pitiful shame, the start of Catch Me If You Can – the animation which evokes that of Saul Bass gets my upper most respect! Have a butcher’s:

The couple of minute’s animation outlines the narrative of the story and portrays the 60s retro look authentically

right, Saul Bass.

a nice walk through history in the form of a ‘edifice’ which is a defined as:

noun formal
a building, esp. a large, imposing one.
• figurative a complex system of beliefs : the concepts on which the edifice of capitalism was built.

the imposing new edifice on Whitfield Street building, structure, construction, erection, pile, complex; property, development, premises.

for those like me who did’nt know.

what else…

Ocean’s 11 {old and new}


new: in various forms;

I stumbled across some other one’s that are pretty sweet;

an innocent® joke

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these innocent® creatives have come up with a cool concept for the winter: giving to the age concern charity, for every one sold with a wooly hat on 50p goes towards the older generation in respect of hot meals, blankets and advice on keeping thier homes warm in the winter. entitled ‘ the big knit’ pulling it all together to make a very seamless, funky idea!


trouble is, when you’ve drunk it, thrown the bottle away etc your left with this minature knitted hat, what do you do with it…..I can think of one place it would fit pretty snug! – ear warmers!!


anyhows, i like the designs on them all, there certainly the way forward, be nice if they brought the price down slighly though






This is a good example to communicate the role of graphic design/advertising within the world, the designer(s) has/have created a bridge between the information and the consumer. 1. The hat is eye-catching> 2. The information is easily accessible (on the hats label)> 3. when the information is processed by the consumer there is a moment of realisation, like ‘aha, thats what its all about!’ 4. It is remembered easily because of the metaphor (hat) 5. The idea is different and unusual and breeds chatter/gossip about itself. so the designer’s role is to create a vehicle of information through firstly capturing an intrest or intriguing the audience.

A Concise History of Graphic Design by Richard Hollis, Also A Load Of Bull: an englishman’s adventures in spain by Tim Parfitt – Condé Nast

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A concise history of graphic design



Russian born Mehemed Fehmy Agha directed the use of the first full-colour photo vogue used was in 1932, a trend which has been religously adherd to ever since.


Agha who was a Conde Nast art director in the 1930s who pioneered magazine design, making series of double page spreads apposed to a sequence of individual pages

Agha left Conde Nast Publications in 1943, after Nast died in 1942, and became a successful freelance consultant.

when looking at magazine design, this book gave me some inspiration for my magazine’s genre: indulgence, also giving insight to the rock ‘n’ roll juggling act of the editorial director and has enhanced my outlook on design, I think we all have something to learn from the Madrileños