Magazines that I like
October 8, 2007

Lucire | August 05

lucire aug 05 - Nordic

Lucire | November 05

lucire nov05

Lucire | June o6

lucire june 06

GQ | June 2005

GQ june05

GQ | October 2005

gq oct05

Pig | Issue 33

pig issue 33

Pig | Issue 36

pig 36

Pig | Issue 50

pig 50

W | November 2005

w nov05

W | October 2006

w oct06

Novum | September 2004

novum 07-04

Novum | March 2004
novum 03-04

Delicious | December 2006


Barcodes – form follows function
October 7, 2007

On the consideration of designing a frontpage for a magazine you need to accomodate a barcode, i’m thinking the reason why it cannot be put on the back page is because A: it’s less obvious to find for scanning ( which seems pathetic ) or, B: the back page has been sold for advertising purposes and therefore a barcode may interupt with the advert, whatever the reason barcodes always appear on the frontpage and look a bit unsightly

so i’m going to try and doctor a barcode to keep it in theme with my magazine so as it is not bringing down the aesthetic impact of my frontpage..i had a look and found some reasonable examples of what has been done before, feel free to add to my findings



Barcode Man