Ethay Olarschay – The Scholars
September 12, 2009

Ethay Olarschay August 23, 2009 by jaseisace Ethay Olarschay, pig latin for the scholars!… a band in the oxford area that I’ve been doing some promo for..

The Scholars Coat of Arms

The Scholars - Unicorn Detail

The Scholars - Unicorn Detail

Scholars Coat of Arms

The Scholars Coat of Arms, Lion Head Detail.

Illuminati Eye Detail

Illuminati Eye Detail


Some Kind of Wonderful
June 27, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful- Rachel Dennison

Some Kind of Wonderful- Rachel Dennison

copyright© Rachel Dennison 2009

Barcodes – form follows function
October 7, 2007

On the consideration of designing a frontpage for a magazine you need to accomodate a barcode, i’m thinking the reason why it cannot be put on the back page is because A: it’s less obvious to find for scanning ( which seems pathetic ) or, B: the back page has been sold for advertising purposes and therefore a barcode may interupt with the advert, whatever the reason barcodes always appear on the frontpage and look a bit unsightly

so i’m going to try and doctor a barcode to keep it in theme with my magazine so as it is not bringing down the aesthetic impact of my frontpage..i had a look and found some reasonable examples of what has been done before, feel free to add to my findings



Barcode Man